Product Summary

FQ series waterproof circular connectors meet the Ministry of Electronics Industry Authority for Industry Standard DZ4Q/RE008-84 components manufacturing, advanced product structure, high reliability, high reliable receptacle contacts squirrel-cage elastic structure instead of the traditional wire spring the product has a low contact resistance, anti-vibration, impact resistance, sealing strong features, plugs and sockets to connect to bayonet quick connect, easy to use, easy to operate, has been widely used in various electrical connections between electronic devices.


(1)Operating temperature: -55 ℃ ~ +100 ℃;(2)Relative humidity: 40 ℃, up to 98 ± 3%;(3)Vibration: Frequency 10-200HZ;(4)Acceleration 150m/s2;(5)Collision: Acceleration 490m/s2;(6)Constant acceleration vibration; acceleration of 245m/s2;(7)Atmospheric pressure: up 4.4KPa;(8)Mechanical life: 500 times;