Product Summary

Y2-19TK connector,This series product is old-fashioned "P" type electrical connector replacement. Small size, light weight, easy to use, plug-resistant, good conductivity, good sealing characteristics. Widely used in all kinds of electrical equipment, instruments, meters between the connections.


(1)Operating temperature: -55 ℃ ~ -125 ℃;(2)Relative humidity: 40 ℃ and up to 95%;(3)Operating Altitude: 20000m;(4)Vibration: Frequency 10Hz ~ 2000Hz Acceleration 147m / s 2;(5)Shock: Acceleration 490 m / s 2;(6)Constant acceleration: 490 m / s 2;(7)Tightness: resistance to pressure 0.2Mpa (only sealing socket);(8)Electrical Performance;(9)Contact resistance and rated current;